Waiting On Wednesday: Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista

“Waiting on” Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights an upcoming release we are greatly anticipating.

This week’s selection is:

Book: Reaping Me Softly

Author: Kate Evangelista

Release Date: October 30th 2012

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N

Book Description:

Ever since a near-death-experience on the operating table, seventeen-year-old Arianne Wilson can see dead people. Just as she’s learned to accept her new-found talents, she discovers that the boy she’s had a crush on since freshman year, Niko Clark, is a Reaper.

At last they have something in common, but that doesn’t mean life is getting any easier. All while facing merciless bullying from the most powerful girl in school, Arianne’s world is turned upside down after Niko accidentally reaps the soul of someone she loves. This sends them both into a spiral that threatens to end Arianne’s life. But will Niko break his own Reaper’s code to save her? And what would the consequences be if he did?

Why I’m waiting:

Do I even have to mention how much I actually love the cover? I mean, look at it! It’s beautiful! I don’t know why but I just love it. And the description is promising as well, which means I can’t wait for this book.

I have read Kate’s other work: Taste [See my review] and I truly enjoyed it, so I’m confident this will be just as good. I guess I’ll just have to wait all month long to read it. And make no mistake, I intend to read it as soon as I get my hands on it! 😉

So, what are you waiting on?  Leave a comment with your WoW link below and I’ll make sure to check it out!



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54 responses to “Waiting On Wednesday: Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista

  1. Great choice! The concept sounds really cool and exciting. A perfect Halloween read.

  2. I agree the cover is gorgeous. The story looks good too.

    My WoW

    Becky @ A Reader’s Devotion

  3. Naomi H

    That does sound great!! My kind of book, I like the cover too!

    You can check out My WoW here-
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. Nice! I became part of the cover reveal and loved it as well. I also joined the blog tour but they say they’ll only choose 50(?) blogs. I hope I’ll be part of it! 😀
    Here’s my Wednesday post..
    Have a great day!

  5. Chel

    I want this book too! I haven’t read Taste yet but I know for a fact that Kate’s always blessed with beautiful YA covers.

    Chel @ The Procrastinator’s Corner

  6. Haha, we picked the same book ^^ Totally agree on the cover! And I love reaper stories 🙂

    Here’s my link anyway

  7. I am dying to get my hands on this one! It looks amazing!! Awesome pick =)

    Our WoW for the week =)

  8. This sounds awesome. Thanks!

  9. The cover is beautiful. It blows me away that there are so many novels featuring reapers. I’ll definitely have to find the bandwagon and jump aboard.

    Here is my WoW.

  10. Wow this sounds great! I haven’t heard of this one yet but definitely adding it to my list. The cover is so gorgeous! Great pick!

    Thanks for visiting my post!

  11. sqt

    It’s funny how themes in fiction seem to come in waves. Lots of communicating-with-the-dead books these days. But hey- it’s better than more wolves and vampires! Actually, I like this trend so it’s definitely one for the list. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I want this book too!! Great pick! Thanks so much for spotlighting it today. Please check out my WoW!

  13. I’ve seen this around a lot and it sounds amazing. I can’t wait!

    Here’s Our WoW

    -Kait @ YA Vixens

  14. The cover is so gorgeous and interesting, as well as the premise. Great pick!

    Thanks for stopping by my WOW!

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  15. I am in love with this cover! This sounds so great. Great pick! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I always get a pang in my heart when I see your banner. I feel so sad for the teddy waiting for someone!

    MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter
    Our WoW this week

    • Woot! I’m glad you liked it! 😀
      And yes, indeed! Poor teddy keeps waiting and waiting. We shall feel better once we get the book 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!

  16. This reminds me a lot of the Soul Screamers series which I really enjoyed! Sounds promising! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. First of all, I adore your WoW banner. ♥

    I saw this book on someone’s post last week, and the first thing I noticed was the cover. It is truly beautiful. I want to read Taste, but haven’t had a chance yet. This one is going on my to-read list as well. 🙂

    My WoW

    • Yay! 😀 I’m glad it’s something you’d like to read. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. If I’m going by Taste (which was really good btw, you should totally read it), this shouldn’t disappoint! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by!

  18. I love reapers and the cover!!! I must read this one! Thanks for stopping by!

  19. The cover drew me instantly to this one. It’s so unique & artsy. The descriptions sounds awesome too. Depending on what reviews I see I definitely think I’ll be reading this one when it comes out. Great pick!

    Thanks for stopping by The Book Slayer 🙂

    • I’m hoping to read it as soon as it’s out, so maybe you can check my review! 😉
      I’m glad it’s something you’d like to read. And thanks for stopping by too! 🙂

  20. Cyn

    There’s suppose to be a (blog)book tour of this soon, I’m hoping to hear good stuff b/c it definitely sounds interesting!
    Thanks for visiting Bookmunchies!

  21. Oh this sounds super interesting! I haven’t heard of it before but I’ll have to check it out. By the way I love the adorable graphic for your waiting on wednesday!

  22. Yes, this cover is super gorgeous! I did a cover reveal for it on my blog, and I’ve also read Taste. Very good choice! Thanks for stopping by!

  23. This looks intriguing! I enjoyed your review of Taste, which sounds intriguing as well. I agree with you and the earlier commenters – great cover! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on proseandkahn. Looking forward to reading more reviews by you!

  24. Interesting concept. The cover is beautiful. Great pick! I’ll add it to my TBR list. Thanks for visiting my post.

  25. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

    Oooooh, this sounds really interesting. I haven’t heard of it before so thanks for raising my attention to it. I’ll definitely be adding this to my wishlist! 🙂

  26. This is already a very popular book! Hope you enjoy!

  27. I have this on my tbr, too. I love reaper theme book. xD Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it.

  28. That is a crazy gorgeous cover, I agree! The plot also sounds interesting and less conventional than most YA books out there. Cool!

  29. I agree, this cover is amazing! I’d hoped to get on the blog tour for it, but I didn’t.

  30. Thank you so much for choosing RMS for your Waiting on Wednesday, Elle! *tackle hugs* Okay, now I will return to my corner and hyperventilate. *grabs brown paper bag*

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