Holidays! Yes! ….and then some…

Oh, yeah. It’s that time of the year again. The beginning of holiday season for those that live in the US, and exams season for me! YAY! Can you hear how excited I am over this? Yeah, thought so.

Anyway. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. But since I know most of you do, I thought I would take a little minute to wish all those who celebrate it an awesome time. I hope you have a great day with your family and friends.

And in my own improvised Thanksgiving-that-I-don’t-celebrate-post, I’d like to say thanks. Thanks to all of you for reading my reviews and all the silly things I say. I know they tend to be extensive sometimes, like right now for example. Yup. That’s me! Silly, silly! 😉

So yes, thank you for sticking with me on this barely four months of blogging. It means the word to me to know that there’s people actually reading what I write, and believe it or not I had lots of fun. It’s been greater than I thought possible. So…

Now to the not-so-great-part.

Oh, yeah. There’s a not-so-great-part in a thanksgiving post! Because I’m awesome like that. Or not.


As you just read, it’s exam season for me. It has already started actually. My first exam is next Monday and I’m more nervous than a bride on her wedding day about to pass out. [Insert snort]. For some reason that’s the only analogy I could come up with. Ah! Silly me, again I guess. Is that even an analogy? Jeez!

Okay. I’m going to be ending this now before it gets too long, and too embarrassing!

Thank you all for stopping by my blog, now, three months ago or any time in-between. I love you for it. I certainly do. I won’t be posting much for the rest of the month, or December (because my exams last forever, apparently). I don’t have much reading time at the moment, and less time to write reviews still.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon you completely. No! Don’t even think that. I would never do that. So for the time being –and until the year ends (probably) –there will be posts, but mostly tour stops and memes, with some reviews in-between. But not my usual three-reviews-a-week-schedule.

I’m going to miss you tons, but if you need me there are plenty of ways you can find me. Have you read the header of my blog? No? You should, you’ll know how to contact me then! 😉

Have a great Thursday everyone. Thanksgiving or not, I hope your day is great!

And of course don’t forget to check the TEN-BOOKS-GIVEAWAY I have going on right now. There are tons of books you can choose from. And you know what ten-books-giveaway mean, right? No? I was hoping you would say that, actually. It means TEN winners, which means more chances to win! Yay!

So don’t forget to stop by here, and check it out. Who knows, maybe they odds are in your favor. Best of luck!



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