It’s Winner Announcement time!

winner 2

Hey everyone! I actually have two Winner Announcements to make. One for my Birthday Giveaway and one for my Christmas Giveaway Hop.

First I would like to remind you all of a little detail. Once winners are picked they have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail with whatever information it is needed in order to receive their prize. If you don’t reply there’s no prize. I had two winners not respond to me in time, and it made me sad. I guess I’m lucky they didn’t respond at all, because it would suck a lot to have to say: Hey, you’re late, you’re out. Sorry!

So remember from now on. You have 48 hours to reply once you receive the email saying you won. And also make sure you enter with an email account that you check regularly, because that’s the email address I’ll be using to contact you if you win.

Now to the winners…


My Birthday Giveaway winners are:

  1. Jane
  2. Susana R.
  3. Alex W.
  4. Nitzan S.
  5. Addie R
  6. Maria V.
  7. Carmen B.
  8. Giselle C.
  9. Jamie J.
  10. Beth C.

Of all ten winners three of them chose The Fault in Our Stars as their pick. How awesome is that? I think you all know by now that TFiOS is my favorite book, so it made me really happy. What other books were picked? Check out all the books picked by winners:

[You may check the Rafflecopter link here]

The Christmas Giveaway Hop winners are: Angie, Isa and Beckey

Winners were actually supposed to get one ebook each, but then I thought… since it’s a Christmas Giveaway… So yup, all three winners got all three books! Yay! 🙂

Which books? These:

[You may check the Rafflecopter link here]

Congratulations to all winners. I really hope you enjoy your holidays with family and some basic reading.

That is all for now folks! Until the next giveaway! 😉


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