[ARC] Review: An Act of Persuasion (Tyler Group #2) by Stephanie Doyle

Book: An Act of Persuasion (Tyler Group #2)

Author: Stephanie Doyle

Expected Publication: March 5th 2013

My Rating: 2/5

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Book Description:

For all the wrong reasons?

Anna Summers has always been more than Ben Tyler’s assistant. She’s even been more than his best friend. Too bad Ben didn’t realize it until after she quit. Now that he’s more like his old self after facing off against a life-threatening illness, he’s ready to win Anna back.

Of course, it’s not simple. One night Ben broke his own rule about getting involved with an employee. And now Anna is pregnant. She refuses to let him use the baby as a reason for them to reconcile. It will take an act of persuasion to convince her they belong together…and not only because of the baby.

My Review:

I’m not sure about much at the moment. I’m not sure how to rate it or how I really feel about this book.

The beginning of a story is of great importance in a book, is what will either scare you away or make you keep reading, and while An Act of Persuasion’s beginning didn’t quite scare me away, it didn’t make me really excited either. Or of course it helps that I’m too curious to quit anything far too soon no matter how bad. And the fact that we’re having a sex scene practically after the first page didn’t sit well with me either. But I kept on.

I am realizing now that I might have missed some important detail to Ben and Anna’s story, that might have been told in the first book, just like we learn a little about Mark in this one (one of Ben’s former partners of sorts, and I’m guessing the next story in the series). But as it is common for me, I started backwards. I’m weird like that.

Still, even if I did miss something relatively big, it wasn’t so hard to get the story, but I did feel something was missing. First it seemed to go too fast and then it wouldn’t go fast enough. You know, complicated.

You curious? I guess I could tell you a bit about the story. Anna Summers has been working for Ben Tyler for six years, and when illness struck him, she’s no longer just his executive assistant, but also his live-in caretaker. Their relationship is easy and Ben has a rule: never get involved with an employee. But let’s add a life or death decision, a pair of tight yoga pants, and a repressed need for six years. What do we get? Sex. Unprotected sex. At the beginning. I’m being repetitive, so what?

Anyway. Ben gets better slowly, but Anna as left him. She quit her job after finding out he had made a life or death decision without her. But now she’s pregnant… Let the drama begin!

Ben wants to do everything in his power to get Anna and his baby with him, forever. And Anna wants to do everything in her power to push him away. Or something like that.

I’m going to admit I didn’t understand Anna very much. She worked for a guy for six years, she was in love with him since pretty much the beginning, or so she said. Unhealthy much? Not to mention a bit pathetic, but at least that much she realized. I also got a little annoyed with Anna’s neediness and immaturity. Come on, girl, have some respect!

Yes, she had some issues, abandonment issues to be precise, but that’s reason to pull someone close and then push them away in the blink of an eye? She was all over the place. Like, letting him have sex with her, no wait, “mind numbing sex” so she wouldn’t have to think about the fear she felt. Come again? It just felt wrong to me, I couldn’t sympathizes with her.

Now Ben… I found Ben to be incredibly selfish. Yes, he’s gone through some serious life and death situations, his life as a CIA agent had made of him a hard man. But after getting a second chance at life and realizing he would be a father, he wanted Anna, but he wanted to have sex with her, he wanted her to love him again. Why not try to start the other way, buddy? Seriously, it made me angry. Why couldn’t he think about opening up to her and his feelings before thinking of well, as crude as it might sound, getting her legs open. Come on, man!

“She would be his and with her came his child.
Yes, this courtship was just another mission for him.
And when he was on a mission he did not fail.”

Okay, so maybe saying I was angry with him is an understatement. I hated his guts, actually. I mean, are you reading that quote? I wanted to kick him.

But you know the drill… don’t be too quick to judge someone and… stuff. So I gave him another chance. Wanna know how that turned out? Well, you might just have to read the book. Or not.

I am going to go with a two star rating because well, this book just wasn’t for me. I never really felt Anna’s said love for Ben, I didn’t really connect with Ben either. But what salvaged it from being only one star was the last ten percent of the book, which was damn good. If only the rest fit with it, I would have been a lot happier. And that’s that.


Ps. Mark’s story sounds promising, I actually liked him better than Ben, which is saying something. I might check it out if his story comes next.


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