Review: Someone’s Baby by Dani Sinclair

Book: Someone’s Baby

Author: Dani Sinclair

Published: May, 2001

My Rating: 3/5

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Book Description:

Gruff rancher Cade McGovern had been burned by love in the past and he had no intention of it ever happening again. But when he found an unconscious woman and her newborn baby, he had no choice but to open his reluctant and battered heart.

Someone had tried to take Jayne’s baby girl and had hurt her deliberately in the process. Where Cade came from, no one hurt a woman — and got away with it. So the solitary rancher made a vow to protect the two females suddenly thrust upon him.

But who was Jayne really? Because there was no way she could be the child’s mother — not when she’d been a virgin until she met him!

My Review:

Someone’s Baby is quite the book.

Jayne is a freelance private investigator with a baby, a baby that isn’t her own, a baby that she saved from being sold by a baby-trafficking ring. And now bad guys are after her.

Cade McGovern is solitary a rancher in a bad mood, and his day is about to get worse.

While unloading the supplies from his track he finds an unconscious woman there… and a tiny crying baby… and a lot of blood!

Whoa, the suspense! Someone’s Baby is intriguing and suspenseful and insane! …In a good way.

Jayne is witty and I just mostly loved her. She has some pretty hilarious lines over the book and it’s hard not to laugh, or admire her strength and determination to save the baby. Cade is a little grumpy, but completely swoon-worthy and so very protective of Jayne and the baby, even without knowing the whole truth behind their story.

I found Someone’s Baby to be slightly predictable though… or maybe it was just my uncanny sense to solving mysteries *cough*. But predictable or not it was gooood. Jayne and Cade go through some pretty crazy things together, what with criminals after her and a vengeful ex-brother-in-law after him.

So yes, Someone’s Baby was suspenseful and slightly predictable, but it was also sweet and endearing and heartbreaking and why not, steaming sometimes. So if you like those things maybe you should check it out, just don’t set your hopes too high.


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