Review: For the Love of Jack by Nicola Peterson

Book: For the Love of Jack

Author: Nicola Peterson

Published: December, 2012

My Rating: 1/5

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Book Description:

Tomaz Alexander discovers a love he thought he would never have, but would this love leave him a lonely man?

Amanita is in love with a man she cannot have and fears this love is going to leave her a sad and lonely woman.

Tomaz needs a mother for his child but can he trust the woman who jilted him?

My Review:

As some of you may know, I most of the time always choose books based on their covers. It’s a first inspection a book goes through before I decide to read it. But rest assured I’m not that shallow, so after the cover is a go I read the summary, and if that’s a go the book goes to my to-read list. There are too many books in this world, a girl has to base herself on something to narrow it down. Are we still talking about books here? Eh?

So! Against my better judgement I thought: “Hey, maybe I should take a chance, see where it leads.” And so I did. The story doesn’t end well…To be honest I feel a little bad for everything I am about to say, but it can’t really be helped, now can it? Because… Oh my god. Holy cow. WHAT?!

It is in times like this that I curse my damn persistence.

*takes deep, deeeeeep breath*

I don’t know how I finished this book. The more I read the more I wanted to pull my hair. The more I read the more I felt like tearing it apart, which wasn’t physically possible since it was in my kindle.

The list why this book so wasn’t for me is just about endless… I swear my brain is screaming in agony right now.

But just for the sake of it let’s recap.

Tomaz Alexander is a wealthy businessman and he has a son who is a few months old. His wife died during childbirth and he needs help.

Amanita is his secretary. And on a side note let me just point out that I read her name wrong all through the book, which I just now realized, and it’s making me laugh and you don’t want to know why.

Anyway. Amanita is his secretary which he wants to care for his baby, because he can’t work otherwise. She refuses because, since the first time she saw him she fell in love, so it is obvious she can’t work for him as a nanny as it would mean seeing him in his house everyday and all.

Until this point I was good, wonderful even… well, maybe not that far, but it was fine.

And then Tomaz goes and makes someone fire her so then later he can con her into working as his nanny because she can’t find other work. Welcome to my first WTF.

And so she works for him as a nanny, caring for his son who is adorable… the only adorable part of this book.

Are you following?

Good. As she works for him situations arise and they kiss… once, twice, three times. And then it all goes to hell.

Beware of spoilers…

He was clearly abusive. He had a habit of grabbing her arm until it hurt so she would tell him how she felt, what she was thinking, what he wanted to hear, I don’t even remember! He tried to force himself on her once! WHAT THE FUCK! He called her a bitch; he pushed her around and threatened to harm her! He coaxed her into having sex with him and then said “Thanks, I needed that.” THANKS, I NEEDED THAT!! The nerve!


Amanita was not far behind. She was so weak it was unnerving! You don’t stand around and let a man bully you because you have been in love with him forever! You don’t have sex with a man who keeps pushing after you say stop several times! And you certainly don’t accept his lame ass apologies after everything he did! Again, WTF!

Oh my god. That’s what I kept thinking. What have I gotten myself into?

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, the writing was seriously upsetting. There were words missing, points of view changing without notice, suffice it to say that English is not even my first damn language people!

Talk about a rant.

And now if you are wondering why I even finished this book, then rest assured I am wondering the same thing.

Shoot me.



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