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I’m Still Alive…

Can we say yay, now? YAY!

Among the things that happened on the time I was away we can list the fact that I completely forgot how to make a post on this thing. And since it isn’t really hard, that should say a lot. It took me ten minutes to remember how to use it.

Moving on.

Life was crazy, I just finished my midterms yesterday and I have class on Monday all over again. Sucks! To those of you confused as to why I’m having midterms in July, let me tell you that here things are upside down. Just kidding… not really. Again, it sucks!

So let me just make a recap here. We are in winter, my classes start again on Monday, I have absolutely not time to breathe… anything good, you ask? Why yes! I got a couple of books while on my hiatus. Like these:


As some of you may know The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is my favorite book. Ever. And now I can read it on actual paper. GAH! I was jumping up and down when I answered the door to these books. And The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey is not far behind. I’ve heard too many amazing things about it that I did not resist getting it. So here they are. MINE!

What else did I do? Oh! I read quite some books. Something I could only accomplish by choosing to read instead of studying, something that  was not hard to decide as you might have guessed. 😉

So the next thing on my I-am-still-alive-to-do-list is read The 5th Wave, and then reread The Fault in Our Stars and then write reviews for all of the books I’ve been reading (too many Harlequin books for it to be healthy but oh well) and get this thing going again. Because I have no forgotten you guys!

We are baaack! Now, let’s party…  😉


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